Changes in Theme … Wellness Factor

Hi Everyone, So - I've been off here alot lately. But - I've had some major developments in my life that have sparked a change that have forced me to Re-evaluate my Outlook on Life and the Blog. Doctors have found an abnormally large tumor in my brain which has been the cause of many… Continue reading Changes in Theme … Wellness Factor

Fraud Scams

Get Poor Quick Opportunities #2

So we all know that Multi-Level Marketing is pretty much a ripoff in the business industry. The FTC (Federal Trade Commission) reports that 99.9% of all MLM businesses are pyramid schemes based on recruiting other members to make money. This is illegal and to add to the previous list the following companies have now gone… Continue reading Get Poor Quick Opportunities #2

Life · Success System

Step #4 – Write it Down

Time to Write it Down ---- - It's Plain ... But Maybe Not so Simple. Setting Your Goals is the Key to Starting Your Success Plan.  BUT ... YOU MUST WRITE EACH GOAL DOWN!!!! Let's Review What We Have Covered.  Remember the key is to write these steps down. If you haven't, then Do It Now.  Print out this… Continue reading Step #4 – Write it Down


Step #3 – The Success Step

So How do You Accomplish Success Online Daily? The first rule is to know What you want. The second is to know Why you want it. So ... in the sake of brevity … Your homework for today is to identify your “What?” and your “Why?” Without a clearly defined reason for starting down this… Continue reading Step #3 – The Success Step

Life · Step 2 - Taking inventory

Step 2 -One Clik Access -Evaluating

Step 2  Determining What You Have and What You Need Setting Your Goals is a Major One-Clik System Success Point that points out the major areas involved in your life. Once you're at this point, you list & review all the information you just listed.  You can then identify if you have the skills or resources… Continue reading Step 2 -One Clik Access -Evaluating

Step 1 - Getting Started

Step 1 – One Clik Access – Starting Out

One-Click Access – Step 1 Starting Out. Anyone who is looking to achieve any goal will always be looking for resources. Real Resources that are bona fide. After all, you want positive results. And you’ll want to keep all the ‘nay-sayers’ far away from you – Why? Because they’ll just distract you and want you to… Continue reading Step 1 – One Clik Access – Starting Out