The Challenge - 1

The One-Click Challenge Results

   The One-Click  Challenge Results  

     So, how did you do with your challenge?

  1. Were you able to list your One-Month Goals?
  2. Were you able to list your One-Year Goals?
  3. Were you able to list resources for these goals?  and …
  4. Where to find them?

     If you were able to do this challenge and list all of them down, congratulations.  You’re in the top categories for goal-setting  and organization.

     If you weren’t able to do this, don’t worry.  We’re gonna change that right now.

     I think I can safely say that most of us have run into the problem of saving files or links someplace in file folders and then had trouble finding them when we needed them later on.  Does that sound familiar?   Well – here’s the keys …

  •  Key 1 — Knowing What You Want
  • Key 2 — Organizing What You Want
  • Key 3 — Finding it Fast when you need it

 Organizing that info into places you can find fast is one key. 

     If you can’t find what you’re looking for, I can guarantee your frustration levels will be driven to ever new heights – especially since you found what you were looking for then, but now when you really need it you just can’t find it .

     Boy –  if that doesn’t piss you off,  you’ve got the patience of a saint.  And if you were pissed, You might even think, well … let me make one place where I can save the info this way I can find it there.  Yeah, that makes sense – right?

     Sure ….

     This was happening to me way too much.   So – my solution was to make One-Click- Links. 

     Everything I needed was right at my fingertips.  That’s when it hit me that this really has potential, I organized the info into a one-click format that I call One-Click (Direct-Link).

      Then I thought, I wonder if I can put this concept into a Step-by-Step format that could be followed and learned by kids and adults alike.  And the answer is yes.  So that’s what I’ve done. 

     I’ve made it Personal!

     –– Welcome to the Club … 

next stop … Creating Your System

So as I always say,

Stay Informed & Until Next Time …

Bob Lee



 If you’ve made it to this point … I’ll see you with Step 1 – Getting Started

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