Step 4 - Review & Modify

The One-Click System – Review – Step 4

The One-Click System – Step 4

Review & Modify

   Review & Modify


Review & Modify

Considering Choices & Modifications

Just as supports and modifications are necessary to fly a plane, supports are also necessary for your success.  Some of these supports might include:

  • Attending a conference or training related to your needs,
  • Getting help from government or community agencies,
  • Having a support person that has more experience that you can tap into, or
  • Getting equipment that will help you learn info or save time, and of course …
  • Listing Your Links!

It is your responsibility to determine what choices you need to make and the types of modifications that will keep you on course. The average person will most likely have no idea of what you’ll need to make successful program modifications as needed.

Measuring Your Progress

Questions to Help Guide You

  1. How will you measure your progress?
  2. When will you measure your progress?  What Specific Dates Will You Compare Your Results to Your Targets?
  3. How well will you need to perform in order to achieve your stated goals (and, for benchmarks and targets)?

Is it Time to Make a Change to Keep Achieving Progress

Remember – it is this Step that gives you the opportunity to review the progress you have made and to make changes if you need to. When you haven’t made the progress you expected, then it’s essential to figure out why,  and change what you’re doing.  This is another Big Time Action that is not taken by the majority of people that leads them to failure.

For you, this Step nudges you to Review and Take More Action on Your Results.  Success is in your Daily Actions, Not your final results.   If you’ve been doing that all along, then forge ahead with what is working and your daily success with those little changes will guide you right to the middle of the target.

Stay Informed …


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