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So I Started Lookin Into an App and …

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I laid out a scanty little $9.95!

The unfortunate thing is … these apps that offer money making opportunities tag a monthly fee in there. (This is how they make money and supposedly how you make money).

The problem with the pyramid method (network marketing, MLM, etc) is that – the further along the network goes, the less people there are to “buy-in” to the “opportunity”.

This is Why there are so many “Jumpers” from MLM to MLM. They have to be at the Top of the Opportunity in order to make money.  If you’re not at the start, forget making money.  More than 99 percent pyramid methods (network marketing, MLM, etc) fail to make their original fee back thus – they lose money and the people above them make money on your failure.

That Sucks!


Guess What?

It starts out with a sales pitch like this … For a one time fee of less than ten bucks or a hundred bucks (the amount doesn’t matter) – you’ll wind up making 600 bucks per month and then you’ll never have to pay anything again.

What more can you ask for?


How about the Truth …

Stay Informed …

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