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I’ll Pay for Your First month …

viral girl========================

        WHAT? …..

I’ll Pay For Your First month! Plain & Simple.

For the First month of What??

We all know when something has value, we share it with others (especially when it’s something funny).

It spreads like wildfire from one person to the next.


viral mouth to ear

Next thing you know, people are talking about this thing that made them smile and its on Youtube, being shared in email, tweets, facebook and what have you.

Who would’ve thunk??  And …

Even though it happens over and over again – repeatedly (especially on you-tube video’s) it still AMAZES me to no end.

I know it’s as simple as hitting the Share Button on this App – but still …

viral 2 cellphones

You guys are blowing me away with this!

So … Once you decide to stay onboard from the second month on …  the first month is on me! (how can you pass that one up?)

And you have to keep in mind that I don’t have millions of followers.  That link I shared has pulled OVER 190 320 400 500 600 800  900 people already!

Just since last Sunday night!

AND It’s incredible how it Still Keeps Spreading.

It’s like a viral video —- And  I’ve gotta Thank You in Advance just so you know I appreciate the support.

You guys have taught me that – Value Spreads like crazy and Value Goes Viral – so …. Keep Spreading the word,  Your support has renewed my belief that when something of value comes out, it really can take off fast.

And on that note, I Thank you and for all those that are still coming on board – I personally welcome you into our booming organization.

Stay Informed …


p.s.  Take a peekviral videos most viewed

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