100’s of Ways to Get Money for College –

Opporutnities Use Your Head College Graduate

100’s of Scholarships You Can Use to Pay for College

Are You Wondering If There’s Money for You?

So many students (and parents) think that money for college is only for those students that graduate at the top of their class.

Nothing could be further from the truth!

There are hundreds of funding sources for college.  There are scholarships, grants, and of course loans, but …  The trick is knowing where to look AND Making sure you eliminate as much of Paying Back Loans that you could have avoided.

Going to College for Free …

All guidance counselors at high schools fill out the typical Federal Aid Sources starting with FAFSA and get the students the typical PELL Grants.  But …

There are so many more instances of funding that aren’t known and it’s because of this that many middle income families don’t consider college for their children.  Just because of the assumption that there is no available money for them.

Get these thoughts out of your head!

Where is This Money?

Federal and State sources are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to funding college.  There are private sources that aren’t investigated and this is where you can use the sources I’ve uncovered for thousands of dollars that you may not have uncovered.

Start with the sources that are listed here and then explore other sources BUT Beware of the Scams out there.  Believe it or not – there are hundreds of other sources.

Why is This Info Free?

My blog is Free and all I ask is this – if you are awarded any money for college, spread the word.  I know what it takes to uncover these priceless sources.  Every little bit helps and I believe in paying it forward, so, please do share since so many sites will rip you off somehow and that’s the reason I started my blog – Providing Real Facts for Real People with Real Links..

Thanks for making use of this info and for spreading the word about the Blog.

Stay Informed …

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