Here’s an FBI Alert … Malware – Social Networking Sites

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        Well? ….. SHARE THIS FAST …

The FBI Internet Crimes Division has just released an UPDATE about Social Networking Sites and Payment Sites (among others) that are redirecting users to illegitimate sites that look official but capture the users vital information. Skype, Windows,

This is then used in Fraudulent ways that compromise each persons info and even worse – get into your financial accounts.

Read the Actual FBI Internet Crime Complaint Center RELEASE AT THIS LINK:

And as was mentioned before … We all know when something has value, we share it with others (especially when it’s something funny or really worthwhile).  It spreads like wildfire from one person to the next.


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Get my drift?

Spread this info to protect you, your friends, and your family.

Even though it happens over and over again – repeatedly it still AMAZES me to no end that these MalWare Developers still dupe us out of our secure nests by posing as legit companies

I know it’s as simple as hitting the Share Button – but still …

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It’s like a viral video —- And  I’ve gotta Thank You in Advance just so you know.

Stay Informed …


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