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NEO Network ? not another one …



You want action?

You got action!

This is a very important step for creating success.

Remember the motivational speaker that had a following and he charged them over 9 thousand to go out to Sedona, AZ and a few of them died and now he’s in prison.  These motivational things are the new Snake Oil.  The new stuff envelope schemes. The new ponzi scams. Look up some of the Team Build this and Diamond Topaz Team and all that.  Most likely – you want find jack shit!

Now it’s taken down everywhere.

Can’t find anything except on YouTube about some of these things.

Well … now there’s the new Neo Network.

People – come on.  Wake up and smell the coffee.

These are all designed to make the originators and top level people in the design team mega bucks.


STOP JOINING THE NETWORKS & Teambuilds.   You’ve gotta check these businesses out the way you would if they were offline businesses.

If you want to Get There Quick – you have to be at the time of these Pyramids and Ponzi’s and MLM’s.  While the rules are not in place,  Each person who adds THEIR voice and says, “Yes I want to find out about this” or Yes I was taken by that program – it  makes it easier for another person to step out and Identify the People Generating the Fraudulent Programs.  And then – Share your true Experiences with other people so people stop getting scammed!

On the internet, it’s WAY TOO EASY to collect the funds and disappear really quick.

We need you, we need your voice, we need your input and together we really will change the 99% of opportunity seeker failures into profitable successes. …

Thanks —

Bob ) start putting your FEEDBACK at this group.  It’s a New Group – it might work (it might not) But – if your experience with program names are listed – at least you helped someone else and the Person at the top of the Scheme stops making money.

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