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How To Research An Opportunity and The People Running It …

Opportunity Door Brick Wall



First ….

1. Google:

a. The Opportunity Name

b. The Name of the Person who Created it

c. Reviews of the Opportunity

d. Avoid Choosing the Reviews with the word “Scams” in it (These are promotional tools the opportunities use to get more people involved)

e. Check any YouTube Video’s that may exist (info is paramount)

2. Go to the Website of the Opportunity

a. Check How Long the Website had been up & operating

3. Find the Facebook Page of the Opportunity

a. Take Note of the People Involved

b. Check the Activity to see if the opportunity is getting ready to start, has started, is building a team to start, or is just in the “Idea” Stage and Collecting Money to “Launch”

c. Is the Activity just the Same Few People or is it a diversified bunch of people. (a bunch of different people is healthy …)

d. Check the Facebook Pages of the People You’ve Made Notes On

i. Are they totally in this Opportunity?

ii. Are they awaiting Links for this Opportunity?

iii. Are they asking questions that indicate that the Opportunity is still getting ready to start?

4. Check the Facebook Page of the Founder

5. Check the Linked In Page of the Founder

6. Check the Linked In Page of the People in Your Notes

7. Contact the “Opportunity” as you would Contact a McDonalds Franchise to receive information before making a decision to invest.

a. What Exactly Do You Have to Do to Make this business work?

b. How Much Do You Have to Invest Initially?

c. What Does this Initial Investment Cover?

d. How Much Do You Have to Invest Monthly to Keep this going?

e. What Does this Monthly Investment Actually Cover?

f. Does the “Opportunity” Avoid or Evade Your Questions or Do they Grant You Full Disclosure with people to contact or visit to see how it works & how to make it work just the way a McDonalds Franchise would offer to you?


Hope this Helps Some …


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