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Help from the Govt for Difficult Financial Times …

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Hi Everyone,

Our friends at and, the official Web portals of the U.S. government, have put together helpful information on how to get help for difficult financial times.

If times are tough for you and your family, your neighbors, or your friends, we encourage you to sign up now for email updates below:

Once you sign up, and will highlight government resources that will help you with unemployment, jobs, training, housing, debt and credit, family issues, health care, and insurance.

As Always, Stay Informed …


3 thoughts on “Help from the Govt for Difficult Financial Times …

    1. Hey – Great to see you. I know – with the political bullshit that happens in the US – you’d think that this wouldn’t be practical … but, they take away from all the other programs to help the illegal immigrants in this country & make their law abiding citizens pay. I’m very cynical lately my friend and to see the politicians not suffer and get paid from all our tax dollars just seems … a bit of – shall we say – hypocritical on their part.


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