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List of Stores that Double/Triple Coupons

double couponsList of Stores that Double/Triple Coupons by State/City

There may be some policy variances by location and you may need a paper couponer ad in order to take advantage of doubling (or tripling) Please make sure to contact your shopping location before you shop to make sure you know the policy.

Want to add to the list? Comment on this post with stores that double in your area

Montgomery area Winn-dixie and Publix double up to .50
Hanceville Fred’s doubles up to $.70 on Saturdays

Basha’s ($.50, sometimes triples)
Phoenix – Fry’s Food

Cabot – Kmart ($.90)
Cabot – Kroger ($.60)
Conway – Kroger (up to $.60)
Northwest Region – Harp’s ($.50)
CV’s Family Foods
Price Cutter’s
North Little Rock Krogers double up to $.55
Edwards Food Giant stores will double up to $.60

Murietta/Temecula – Vons (one like item per transaction)
Imperial Beach – Wally’s Market ($.75)
Imperial Beach – Von’s ($1)
Ralphs and Vons in Valencia will double one like coupon per transaction.


Shop & Stop
Big Y doubles coupons under $1


Hitchcock’s (.$50)

Trenton – Bi-Lo
Kroger ($.50)
Publix ($.50)
Fred’s – Saturday’s only
Harris Teeter ($.99 every day, 20 coupons per day, 3 like coupons per trans) will do super doubles & triples once a month


Indianapolis – Kroger
Indianapolis – Meijer
Marsh doubles .50 and occasionally triple


Dillons (up to $.50; $.51-$.99 rounded up to $1)
Homeland ($1, 1 like coupon per visit)

Lexington – Kroger
Lexington – Meijer
Bowling Green – Kroger ($.50)
Louisville – Kroger
Louisville – Meijer (2 like coupons per transaction)
Louisville – ValuMarket

Freds doubles up to $.70 on Saturdays
Krogers Brookshire and Albertsons – (doubles up to $.50 and triples up to $.39)

Shaw’s doubles everyday up to $0.99

Frederick – Giant (up to $.99, one like coupon per transaction)
Safeway up to $.99
Weis will up to $.50

Stop & Shop ($.99)
Shaw’s ($.99)
Price Chopper ($.99)

Lambertville – Krogers
Lambertville – Food Town
Flint – Meijers
Flint – VG’s
Flint – Kroger
Coldwater – Meijer’s ($.50)
Coldwater – Family Fare ($.50)
Saint Joseph – Harding’s Friendly Market (Wednesdays & Thursdays ONLY) (Will double coupons $.50 & under)
Plainwell Hardings Market doubles up to .50 cents
Otsego Hardings Market doubles up to .50 cents
Lansing & Mason Meijer doubles .50 or under
Holt Kroger doubles .50 or under
Howell Kroger doubles $1 and under

Saint Joseph Harding’s Friendly Market -Wednesdays & Thursdays ONLY double coupons $.50 & under

Foods – Wed/Sat, total must be $25 before coupons, only the 1st 5 on
top of your pile are doubled, tip from reader Diane: try to split your
basket into 2 transactions equalling $25/ea so u can dbl 5 more on the
2nd transaction, do as many transactions as u need to in order to the
dlb the most


Springfield – Dillards (daily)
St Louis – Dierbergs
St Louis – Schnucks
Price cutters doubles coupons up to $1.00


New Hampshire

New Jersey
Bergen County – A&P

New Mexico

New York
Price Chopper
Stop & Shop ($.99, limit 12)
King Kullen ($1, limit 4)
Rockland County – Shoprite
Parhmark and Waldbaums they double from time to time.

North Carolina (Best state for couponers)
Lowes Foods ($.99, 20 per day limit, 4 like coupons per)
Farm Fresh ($.99 each, every day and on Wednesdays ONLY will double $1.00 coupons. 20 coupons per a person per a day)
Bi-Lo ($.99 each, every day no limit to how many per order, 10 like coupons per trans)
Harris Teeter ($.99 every day, 20 coupons per day, 3 like coupons per trans) will do super doubles & triples once a month
Ingles doubles coupons up to 50¢

North Dakota

Perrysburg – Krogers
Giant Eagle ($.99)
Cincinnati Kroger’s — double 5 like up to a $1
Meijer — 1st two up to a dollar
Chillicothe, Ohio Krogers doubles up to .99

Ponca City – Food Pyramid

Portland – Albertsons (doubles up to $1, need doublers found only in Sunday paper) RECENTLY rounded up to $1 with no limit
Portland – Safeway (doubles up to $.50 4 per week – doubler in Tuesday Ad)

Giant Eagle ($.99)
Shop n Save ($.99)
Superfresh triples coupons oncertain days. Call the store to find out

Rhode Island

South Carolina
Publix (up to $.50, also accepts competitor coupons)
Charleston – BiLo ($.60)
Harris Teeter ($.99, sometimes triples too)
Bi-Lo ($.60)
Ingles doubles coupons up to 50¢

South Dakota
Rapids City – Safeway

Clarksville – Fred’s (up to $.70 SATURDAY only)
Jackson- Kroger double up to 0.55,
Gibson Co. area- Food Rite double up to 0.50 everyday
Deaton’s Marketplace double up to 0.50 everyday
Fred’s double up to 0.70 on Saturday
Bi-lo double up to $.60 every day


Austin-Randall’s also doubles .50 and triples up to .39Texas

El Paso – Albertsons
El Paso – Big 8 (occassionally)
Euless – Kroger ($1)
Houston/Sugarland – Randall’s ($.50)
Weatherford – Albertsons (triples up to. 39 and doubles up to. 75)
Austin-Randall’s doubles up .50 and triples up to .39
Dallas area Albertsons doubles and triples coupons

Walmart (select locations)


Alexandria – Shoppers
Farm Fresh ($.99 each, every day and on Wednesdays ONLY will double $1.00 coupons. 20 coupons per a person per a day.)
Richmond – Kroger and Martin’s double

Albertsons (Select areas, see Oregon for specifics)

Washington, D.C.

West Virginia
Vienna- Walmart

Oak Creek – Pick’n’Save ($1, 5 per transaction Wednesdays)
Sheboygan – Pick’n’Save (Wed & Sat only)


Huge thanks to Mommy wants freebies!

5 thoughts on “List of Stores that Double/Triple Coupons

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  2. Hi Bob,
    Hope all is well.
    I see you’ve made some changes 🙂
    Coupons are something we could do with having more of here in the UK.
    My kids love the US extreme coupon shows and are always complaining that we don’t have the ability to shop like that over here.


    1. Hi Phil, doesn’t the UK have manufacturer coupons? I’m completely ignorant of how things are done in the UK. Maybe you can shed some light for me (and others too for that matter). Thanks.


      1. Hi Bob,
        We do have coupons but they are mostly linked to the large supermarket chains and offered in a way that you still have to spend a fair bit to get a small percentage back.
        It is very hard to collate those coupons from magazines and newspapers as they usually are given based on spending certain amounts from a particular supermarket chain.
        The manufacturers could do more to offer perks for purchasing their items giving the consumer freedom of choice as to where to purchase those items from.
        I think what I’m basically trying to say is, there is too much tie-in here where coupons are concerned.


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