Absent but Still Alive …

Hi Everyone.Left Arrow - Turn Right

Just like the pic I took above … life has been creating quite a few stumbling blocks (when you look closely – you see why the confusion is there).

Plus – I accidentally swapped my disk of files with my son & now they’re in cyberspace heaven! Many files from my original blog that WP shut down on me   Alot of good material in those files – (oh well … that’s the way the ….)

I’ve been reading most of my blog friends material when I can and I hope to get back on the horse more consistently very soon.  (And to all you guys & gals — Great Stuff btw)

I also have so many updates on Food Alerts but just can’t post them all, so … I’m gonna try to make a table or list format and create a new Tab just for Food Alerts (even though it falls under health).

To my many friends & followers – thanks for sticking with me and have a Healthy Happy Great New Year.

As Always, Stay Informed ….


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