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Goals, Fat – Lose that Weight …

Goals 1 2 3….

So what am I (or shall I say … we) to do?

Every year I set this goal & even use the FREE Super Tracker from the gov’t USDA, but I just wind up setting it again.

Well … First – Check off what’s getting in the way & kick it out the door!

  • Meds creating cravings – Read this: Med & Nutrient Depletion·
  • Cravings getting in the way?  Read this: Cravings – What Your Body Really Needs
  •  Support!   You Need it!  No Questions Asked.  Just Do It! I just joined a Support Group (a FREE One – you guys should know me by now …).
    • Hospitals have bariatric support groups, there’s TOPS (take off pounds sensibly), and more.  Some may charge now-a-days, but they used to be free.
  • FUN!  Do things YOU ENJOY.  If you’re happier, achieving your goals will be easier.  Read, walk, bike ride, have a cup of tea, maybe some sex, laugh, read your favorite blog(s), talk to someone.

So many things are FREE these days, so make use of it.  Online Libraries, Online Education/Diploma institutions, and so much more.  Make use of using One-Click to get there & Get Going.

Achieving One Goal is better than none!

As Always, Stay Informed …



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