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Getting Un-Stuck

2 hands holding successI was talking to a friend of mine last week who I’ve known for the past few years or so.

And of those years, they’ve been “stuck”.  You know, stuck…when something major happens to change your life and you don’t know what to do next.  Maybe you’ve been through it…

  • Divorce
  • Loss of a job
  • Sickness
  • Loss of a loved one, or
  • Some other Change that affected you…

And you just feel lost.

I’ve been stuck myself, but I was inspired over 3 years ago to start a journey towards a new life. Fear and nerves kept getting in the way.  And many times now they still get in the way.  Things like PTSD, depression, and all the other things that go along with that, and … Doubt in myself was a stumbling block that seemed to always trip me up.  But … about a year and a half ago something changed in me.  I decided to just “Do-It”!  To start a new. And then over the past 6 months a major transformation has taken place.

Now, after talking to my friend for a while (who has known me through my “stuck” times too)  I mean through the thick and thin of things I told my journey and all that I’ve learned.  How I’ve stepped out of my comfort zone over and over again.  And because of that, let me tell you … it was easy seeing the new person that I have become and am becoming.

Because of the things I’ve learned, I was able to give some insights on how achieving dreams is real and possible.  Something happened at that moment that changed inside of him.  And I’m so thankful to be a part of that inspiration.

So keep stepping out of your comfort zone, learning new things and applying what you learn.  You never know who you may come across who needs to be “unstuck”.  And you can be that inspiration!  You can be that spark that starts the fire in them!

And if you feel stuck yourself?  Surround yourself with successful people who have a vision, people you can learn from.  You’ll soak up some knowledge that will inspire you to achieve your own goals.

Any Questions …. just Ask Me.

As Always, Stay Informed …

Yours in success,


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