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Poisoned Food Supply … MORE Listeria found

woman in gastric pain

La Terra Fina Organic Spinach and Spinach Dip has been recalled due to strains of Listeria monocytogenes.

It seems that Listeria and Salmonella poisoning of our food supply and PROCESSING of Food is making our food less and less safe to eat.

Out of pure caution, take your La Terra Fina Organic Spinach/Dip back to your place of purchase for an immediate refund.

  • It seems that our “healthy-food” is far less safe to eat than it was years ago.
  • Is this purely for company profits?
  • Is it because processed food is becoming less popular?

Whatever the reason, more food is becoming tainted with bacterial poisoning and it seems like more of a “mass-weapon” than any other (other than water).

What Should You Do if you think you may have Listeria Poisoning.  Read this -> Listeria – What to Do

What do you think?

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Eat Safe and …

As Always, Stay Informed …


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