Last Post Was a Mistake …. Writer’s Block not Procrastination

oopsThat Last Post was a mistake.

I put the wrong title on it because I was working on something else.  My apologies.

But … Did you ever notice that when you’re writing you hit a roadblock when you’re writing and it’s called writer’s block?

That last post should have been called Writer’s Block Solutions.

Procrastination is something different.  And it’s something that happens when you can’t even get to the keyboard to even write a single word.  It’s almost as if the keyboard has become your enemy.

How can this be?

I love my keyboard.  I love my online friends.  I love the online world.

Yes, mistakes are made and unfortunately they can hurt.  But … they can help us too!

I suffer from this too many times to count in a single day.

I’ve been suffering from Procrastination and it interferes with some everyday tasks that I have to take care of.

That last post was an example.  I made a mistake on the Post Title and now it’s too late to change it.

But it’s another lesson learned from what Procrastination can cause.  Not just putting off what has to be done but even leading to mistakes and confusion, even depression at times.  Now it’s time to start putting my other article to it’s finishing touches which is where that mistake originated from – Procrastination.

Hang in there. I’m working on finishing it and it’s a good one.





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