Holy Crap – My Identity Was Stolen !!!

and then what happened nextHi Everyone.

Just to let you know, Identity Theft is VERY REAL!

I just found out that mine was swiped and not only is it a nightmare – but – it takes forever to fix it.

I received a Debit Card in the mail from a bank I do not do business with.  Strange – huh?

Well, I called the bank up and let them know and then they let me know that I am a victim of identity theft!  Meanwhile, my bank sends me an email stating that they think something fraudulent is going on with my account about 2 or so weeks ago but doesn’t give me any details whatsoever on what to do.

So – I ask this other bank – what do I do?  They spend about a half hour on the phone with me letting me know everything I have to do to clean up this mess.  AND – I have to refile the reports EVERY 90 DAYS! Otherwise the report is dropped whether or not the crook is caught or not?!  How is that just or how is justice being served?

Now .. this sweet rep at this other bank gives me some facts that 4 checking accounts and 4 savings accounts and credit cards have been opened and used (mind you – this person can’t be tracked since they are me with my name and social and all the rest) so I have to do all the work!  I must ask – What good is our government?  And – has the internet made it this easy to commit identity theft online and hence make fraudulent purchases and take a person down?

I’m disgusted!  I spent hours upon hours taking care of as many items that the sweet rep gave me to do and all the advice and she even filed a claim on my behalf, told me to contact PayPal to let them know, contact ALL ONLINE and OFFLINE creditors and the like and to pull ALL 3 Credit Reports to see if anything “Hinky” (as Abby on NCIS would say … I digress) to contact the police department and file an official report, possibly contact the sheriff,  make sure I stay on top of it every 90 days to refile and to contact their department if I need any help.  Not my bank … makes you wonder, doesn’t it.

Well – I’m waiting for the police officer to come to write an official report, then go down with the affidavit that I printed from the Credit Bureau’s to have notarized, AND as I’m writing this I just received a call from the police department that there’s going to be a delay with them getting here for whatever reasons that be.  (guess identity theft isn’t a real crime in this area)

The worst thing is – I DON’T KNOW WHO DID IT!

So – Just wanted to give you guys an update and let you know –

  1. Stay on top of your Credit Reports.  Pull all 3 Report at least once per year
    1. Experian
    2. Equifax
    3. TransUnion
  2. Use these websites:
  3. Check your Online Accounts for any purchases that you haven’t made
  4. Check with your Bank for any suspicious activities.

As Always, Stay Informed …


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