Interesting Twist to Identity Theft

and thenSo –

The Bank of America wouldn’t release the information used against me and what was charged or where it was sent or how it was delivered …. at first!!!


I got in touch with the government and they said get in touch with the FTC and they will guide you in receiving the info that is rightfully yours.   So I did just that.

A few days later – BANG! A listing of the SAME COMPANY with the SAME Electronic Drafts were made by this person who opened 8 separate accounts with Bank of America without Bank of America even contacting me!  How is that even possible when you can’t even take a pee in a bank without getting frisked?  (pardon my increasing Sarcasm which many people just don’t have a grasp of in their lives yet …)

Well – now that I have the info – what’s the next step? I shall pursue and keep you updated.

In addition – There’s an address I never lived at on my credit report that I thought was removed from the first time this happened many years ago but is still there AND … a credit account with more than $12,000.00 (TWELVE THOUSAND DOLLARS) on it that they have charged to me!  WTF!!!

Can’t wait for this person to go insane. They probably gave underage kids booze to drink and wound up running over some unfortunate soul that died and this son of a bitch got away with it!  But – karma will prevail.

As Always – Stay INformed …

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