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A New Day, A New Post …

happy_11Funny How Life Can Turn on a dime and throw everything upside down and sideways at the same time.

Makes you reconsider everything you thought you had worked out and came to conclusions about and How to Proceed with everything you had in mind.

Well … Life is not static. That’s for certain.

It’s been months since I’ve written and so much has happened. Even though writing a post a week really shouldn’t be that difficult – it seems that it took a bat, swung it at my head, I ducked and the back swing clobbered me square in the face.  So I decided to go on a reading spree and did you ever notice how when 1 thing happens another thing jumps up and then before you know it a dozen things seem to have risen up to bat you in the head and trip you up seemingly out of no where?

Yup! That’s what happened.

But the good thing is I re-evaluated and decided to restructure things. It may take a bit of time to achieve the final goal but the end result shall be easier to manage and easier for you to follow.

The weirdest thing of all is my stats have spiked during my hiatus and it just seems crazy how things like this happen. Lesson to be learned – even when the worst seems to be upon us – there is something good happening that we don’t even realize.

So – I leave you with this simple post and look forward to changing the show up quite a bit here by making everything even more user One Click Friendly.  Thanks and as always, Stay Informed.


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