Life · Step 2 - Taking inventory

Step 2 -One Clik Access -Evaluating

Step 2 Goals 1 2 3

Determining What You Have and What You Need

Setting Your Goals is a Major One-Clik System Success Point that points out the major areas involved in your life.

Once you’re at this point, you list & review all the information you just listed.  You can then identify if you have the skills or resources necessary to achieve the goals that you want to achieve OR Learn or acquire what you need to Make it Happen.

Beginning with Evaluation

This System requires that you assess all areas of your life.

This will most likely be the toughest step (and will probably take the most time) since you are dealing with all the categories in your life (Health, Finances/Career/Business, Communication & Relationships, and Hobbies/Fun/Enjoyment).

Once you have finished this Step of Taking Inventory, you will no doubt, be ready to set up your Individualized Success Plan with the One-Click System.

Beginning Your Evaluation

Ask yourself What you want to achieve in the following 5 categories and set a date that you’d like to achieve each one.

  • Health
  • Financial
    • What’s stopping you from changing your Financial situation?
  • Social
  • Family
  • Spiritual
  • Life & Hobbies

Remember that those who have a clear and focused vision of what they want will stand a much better chance of achieving their goals than those that don’t.

It gives you that extra Reason for reaching deep inside to reach your  goal. These are the people that keep working despite wanting to give up.

As Always …Stay Informed … 

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