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Step #4 – Write it Down

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Time to Write it Down —-

– It’s Plain … But Maybe Not so Simple.

Setting Your Goals is the Key to Starting Your Success Plan.  BUT … YOU MUST


Let’s Review What We Have Covered.  Remember the key is to write these steps down. If you haven’t, then Do It Now.  Print out this Post if you have to and do it offline if necessary.


Step 1:  What Do You Want

  1. List all the things you want to achieve this month and this year?


Step 2:  The Essentials

  • Health
    • What Goals do you have for your Health?
  •  Financial
    • What’s stopping you from changing your Financial situation?
  • Social
    • What Actions can you take to build your Social Network over the coming month? And then – over the year?
  • Family
    • What can you do to make your family life more enjoyable?
  • Spiritual
    • What can you do to increase your inner peacefulness?
  • Life & Hobbies
    • What activities bring you enjoyment that you can start up again?


Step 3:  The What and Why

Figuring Out the What and Why of Your Goals

Without a clearly defining reason for doing it, you will head down the opposite path of what you want to achieve.

1. Spend at least 10 minutes brainstorming your what and why

2. Write it Down in a notebook or binder.


Step 4:  Write it Down

Just as supports and modifications are necessary to fly a plane, supports are also necessary for your success.

Supports  are not just people to help you but ALSO Written Forms that include the Above Steps, PLUS:

You Must Realize that it is your responsibility to determine what choices you need to make to keep you on course.

The average person will most likely have no idea of what you’ll need to make successful program modifications as needed.  So ..

  1.  How will you measure your progress?
  2. When will you measure your progress?  What Time Intervals Will You Compare Your Results to Your Targets?
  3. How well will you need to perform in order to achieve your stated goals, benchmarks and targets?

Success is in your Daily Actions, Not your final results.   If you’ve been Completing EACH STEP – then forge ahead with what is working and your daily actions will lead you right to the middle of the target.


So this is your starting point. It doesn’t mean guaranteed success.

But those that have a clearly defined reason for reaching deep inside themselves to reach their goal…they make it. They keep working despite wanting to give up.

– It’s the Short & Sweet Blueprint of Success:

  1. List these Goals On Paper. Write Them Down.
  2. Then You Can Start Thinking of What You Need to Achieve What You Want.
  3. Then Take Positive Action on Achieving Your Goals.

As Always, Stay Informed …



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