Changes in Theme … Wellness Factor

ill woman2Hi Everyone,

So –

I’ve been off here alot lately. But – I’ve had some major developments in my life that have sparked a change that have forced me to Re-evaluate my Outlook on Life and the Blog.

Doctors have found an abnormally large tumor in my brain which has been the cause of many issues I’ve been facing that I had no idea were being being caused by this growth.

I’ve been having these symptoms for years but I took a real nasty fall while over my brothers house the other week and he wanted to take me directly to the Emergency Room at the hospital. But me being me of course ..  said – No – let me just shake it off. It was just a fall. Well …

It just so happens, the fall stirred everything up and made all the symptoms start happening at the same time. (Very not nice).

That’s how my transformation (for lack of a better word) has taken place.

I’ve decided that I’m going to spend most of my energy with Health and Wellness and anything that goes along with that theme.  Since most of you have let me know that’s the biggest thing you take away from this blog, I may as well Trim the fat and Streamline it to Match my Transformation as I’m going through this ordeal.

I thank you for your continued support and as I find out what the neurosurgeon is going to do – I’ll let you guys know while at the same time sharing Discoveries and Health/Wellness Factors along the Way.

As Always, Stay Informed …


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