– Online Free Education Courses


If you’d like to learn Online for Free without the Bait & Switch where you wind up paying a semi-fortune to learn that the course is crap or your 6 year old kid could’ve did it with no problem – I’ve got the Solution!

This has got to be one of the strongest Online-Education Systems that FITS the One-Click Systems’ standards.  You can choose between screens with advertisements or no advertisements.  They’re able to offer these courses free due to the related links that many people click on.   You can click on the link above or on any of the courses listed below to get a feel for it.  It’s Free – Try it.

Over 311 free interactive multimedia courses through course categories and growing, like:

Basic Study Skills
Starting a Business or Social Enterprise – The Stone Soup Way
Human Health – Diet and Nutrition
Physical Education – Fitness Training Principles and Methods
21 Days to Building a Web Business
Social Networking and Viral Marketing Using Facebook
Biology and Behaviour in Psychology
Memory and Cognition in Psychology

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