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Step 0 – One Clik Access – Preview

 Preview the One-Clik Access System –  Did you ever stop and think - How We go through life without being taught how to achieve specific goals for ourselves, or Why We go through life without being taught these skills? or Why We can’t locate the links that we need to achieve or accomplish, How We Don’t Learn… Continue reading Step 0 – One Clik Access – Preview


Wanna know a Quick Easy Way for Cleaning Your Phone

OK! How many times have you had the experience of your phone or tablet or Kindle being filthy enough to the point where it wouldn't respond to your swiping ? (Now be HONEST) And you probably did what most of us do in a Quick Fix. Wipe it on your shirt or tissue.  Bad! Bad!… Continue reading Wanna know a Quick Easy Way for Cleaning Your Phone


Food for Thought

Some Food for Thought Success. Motivation, Information, Resources, Health Alerts, Food Alerts, Education, Fraud Alerts, Scam Alerts, Money, Grants, Credit. Most people want Success .. But .. Believe it or not – a majority of people don’t take action until they’re in unsettled pain. That’s a pretty sad statistic and one that you will learn… Continue reading Food for Thought

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A New Day, A New Post …

Funny How Life Can Turn on a dime and throw everything upside down and sideways at the same time. Makes you reconsider everything you thought you had worked out and came to conclusions about and How to Proceed with everything you had in mind. Well ... Life is not static. That's for certain. It's been… Continue reading A New Day, A New Post …


Follow up to Identity Theft …

So - now the FBI IC3 division sends out what to be suspicious of and low and behold I'm receiving the exact type of info they say to be wary of. Isn't this just grand. Here are some of the warning signs and Defenses that are recommended from the FBI: Defense While eliminating your exposure… Continue reading Follow up to Identity Theft …


FBI Alerts

For those of you who don't subscribe to the FBI Alert Bulletins - here's a listing for you: New Microchip-Enabled Credit Cards May Still Be Vulnerable to Exploitation by Fraudsters Thu, 08 Oct 2015 14:00:00 EDT Internet of Things Poses Opportunities for Cyber Crime Thu, 10 Sep 2015 14:00:00 EDT Business Email Compromise Thu, 27… Continue reading FBI Alerts


Tangled, Tethered, and Tied

Lipstick and Laundry

Kite Strings

The other day, these words popped into my head while I was untangling garden twine.I grabbed apen and thenearest seed packet to scratch out the words in case I forgot them.

*I want my kite strings tangled in your tree.

I’d read this phrase somewhere andthe words wove their way into my brain and lived there until I found something to do with them. Strings? Threads? Yarn? What could it mean?

Tangled, Tethered, and Forever Tied Tangled

Grandma taught me to crochet when I was about seven years old. My job was to unravel the skein of yarn and roll it into a ball while she followed the pattern, performed magic with the thread, and created works of art. I watched her swift movements with the needles and envied her experienced hands. Over and under and through and around. Intricate websof looped connectionsthat produced yards ofexquisite lace.

When she was tired of crocheting, she’d move…

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