Step #5 – Review & Modify

rising_barsReview & Modify

Considering Choices & Modifications

Just as supports and modifications are necessary to fly a plane, supports are also necessary for your success.  Some of these supports might include:

  • Attending a conference or training related to your needs,
  • Getting help from government or community agencies,
  • Having a support person that has more experience that you can tap into, or
  • Getting equipment that will help you learn info or save time, and of course …
  • Listing Your Links!

It is your responsibility to determine what choices you need to make to succeed.

The types of modifications you decide on will determine whether you stay on course.

If you decide to make changes you know you won’t keep up with or put into practice, then you’ve chosen to fail.

Measuring Your Progress

Questions to Help Guide You

  1. How will you measure your progress?
  2. When will you measure your progress?  Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly?
  3. What will you need to do Daily in order to make progress towards your goal?

Making Change to Keep Achieving Progress is Necessary

Remember – it is this Step that gives you the opportunity to review the progress you have made and to make changes if you need to. If you haven’t made the progress you expected, then look at why and change what you’re doing.

It’s when You Don’t Take Action that puts you in that dreaded majority group of people that achieve failure.

For you, this Step RIPS you away from that and Forces you to Review, Change,  and Take Different Action if necessary.

Success is in your Daily Actions, Not your final results.   If you’ve been doing that all along, then forge ahead with what is working and your daily success with those little changes will guide you right to the middle of the target.

Stay Informed …

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Step 0 – One Clik Access – Preview

 Preview the One-Clik Access System –

 cropped-coffee.jpgDid you ever stop and think –

  • How We go through life without being taught how to achieve specific goals for ourselves, or
  • Why We go through life without being taught these skills? or
  • Why We can’t locate the links that we need to achieve or accomplish,
  • How We Don’t Learn where the resources we need to better our lives are to be found,

– OR –

How success means we’re only supposed to go through school and graduate, and meet the needs of what the town or school administrations believe is success, and

Why the government sets up programs for special needs individuals but not for the regular everyday kid or adult?  So …


  1. School system teach goal-setting skills?
  2. School system teach success planning for all kids?
  3. School system teach real communication skills to our kids, not just reading and writing?

After all, we all want to achieve the most we can and live a successful life, don’t we?

Well …

That’s the Reason Behind this entire concept.

It all has to do with Individual Success with:

  • Personal links and
  • Services to all different resources that most people don’t know about.
  • Resources You Need to Accomplish Your Success Plan – all with One-Clik Access!

This layout will give much easier access for the people that are truly interested in improving their lives with links that are customized by you, rather than having a million different links that you don’t need.

Well, that’s it for now and

Stay Informed …