Procrastination … Do you suffer from


Opportunity Door Brick WallI think we all suffer from this (at least from time to time).

However – I do think these Procrastination Busters might help:

Procrastination Buster 1 –

Wait a minute … I’ve got to come back to this article a little bit later …

Okay .. I’m back –

The best remedy I’ve found is to ask 2 Questions:


2.  and thenAnd Then …

These are the 2 Best Writing Busters I’ve found to work for me.

But – you have to have your writing tools (notebook, laptop, or whatever) in front of you – otherwise they’re useless.

As Always, Stay Informed …


National Poetry Month – April

Poetry QuillHi Guys,

Every month there seems to be a National Celebration for one cause or another.

With this in mind – APRIL is National Poetry Month – I’ve taken this blurb right from their site so all credit goes to the Academy of American Poets.

What are the goals of National Poetry Month?
The goals of National Poetry Month are to:

  • highlight the extraordinary legacy and ongoing achievement of American poets
  • encourage the reading of poems
  • assist teachers in bringing poetry into their classrooms
  • increase the attention paid to poetry by national and local media
  • encourage increased publication and distribution of poetry books, and
  • encourage support for poets and poetry.

I’ll put up more details on this page and PLEASE Post your info or submissions.

I’ll Post info and Links to other sites (with more info) and my favorite follows (really great people so so many I couldn’t even begin to list on this page (apologies to allll of you guys)  🙂

So – Let’s get started (and forward this or attach it to your friends) – or just let them know about April.

As Always, Stay Informed …


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